Is Image Consulting For Me?

If you see yourself in more than one of these situations,
you are likely a good candidate for image consulting.

You get up for work and try on 4-5 outfits. This occurs on a regular basis. Not fully satisfied but out of time, you settle on the last outfit and rush out the door. “It’s good enough,” you say to yourself.
You are invited to a special occasion, you stress about what to wear for days, maybe even weeks and resolve to buy something new. Well, you never get around to it. A few days before the event, you end up deciding to just throw on something from your closet. You feel ok, but not great. You tell yourself: “This is fine.”
You have attained a level of success where really people are beginning to take notice of you. You are establishing yourself as a subject matter expert, and are now being increasingly asked to do speaking presentations at work, participate on panels. You are excited about being asked to speak at a national conference. You diligently prepare your content you plan to deliver. You get there. You look around and see that your fellow speakers are well-dressed, polished, and you feel underwhelmed with your appearance.
Half of your closet is filled with stuff you don not wear, carry or use.Some you love, but are waiting to come back into style, others are too small, at the moment. But your are confident that one day you will fit into them again.
You have grown to abhor shopping because you can’t find the right clothes to fit your body post surgery, or post pregnancy, or just due to the aging process.
You got your colors analyzed 20 years ago and you’ve have remained with that palette all these years. Or maybe, as was the case with me: your mom told you to stay away from a certain color as a kid and you still shy away from it.
The overwhelming majority of your wardrobe is black.
You watch in awe as one of your colleagues is speaking with such self-confidence, convinced that you yourself could never do that.
You work hard, have a strong track record, think you are doing and saying all the right things. you get feedback indicating you are doing a great job. But you are passed over time after time for promotions or other opportunities.
You are so busy taking care of your family, working, meeting all of your commitments. You promise yourself that as soon as you get time, you will begin focusing on you.

If you don’t see yourself in any of these situations, congratulations!
You are already there!

For the overwhelming majority of us, a minor or major image refresh can give you a new lease on life, or at least give you a great boost! Check out our Services page to begin your journey to a new you!