Become a Game Changer.

Are you one of those people who you feel like you have it together for the most part, but need just a little help to push you over the top?

Working with trained professionals who’ve been in your shoes can provide you with critical shortcuts and help you develop the best course of action for immediate impact and long-term growth.

How Can Investing in Your Leadership Development Benefit You?

          Scroll right. If you see yourself in any of these scenarios, we can help you.

You have been working at the same job. Great company. Pays well.  Management values you. And yes, the work is still challenging. But in your heart, you know it’s time for that next step.  You know you’re ready, but how do you convince others? Are you aware of your full range of strengths and challenges? How do you use them to position yourself for that next level? PositiveLee For You assists you in conducting a comprehensive self-assessment that looks at your performance, brand,  image, and readiness. We work with you to identify blind spots and will help you develop a strategy and an action plan to get there.



You have established a strong track record for delivering results.  Senior management agrees that you are an outstanding contributor. You have a great work ethic, are demanding of yourself and those around you. Your peers also value your input. However, you don’t perceive that you are getting the same support from your direct reports. You know that your success hinges on their success, and vice versa. You’ve tried many of the textbook tactics, and are not seeing the results you are seeking.

Having an objective, trained third party with organizational experience and creative solutions can assist you in assessing yourself, your individual team members, your goals and your current organizational dynamics. PositiveLee For You takes a customized approach to first learning about you, then your team, and works with you to determine the most effective solution to gaining buy-in across all levels within your organization.

You have attained a level of success where really people are beginning to take notice of you. You are establishing yourself as a subject matter expert, and are now being increasingly asked to do speaking presentations at work, participate on panels. You diligently prepare your content. Yet, you don’t feel confident with your appearance, and you want to strengthen your delivery.

Working with professionals who’ve been in your shoes can help you develop greater confidence  through a series of small or major tweaks, that can quickly improve your communications, leadership presence and delivery. These proven tactics will go a long way in conveying your poise, authenticity, and expertise.

You work hard, have a strong track record, think you are doing and saying all the right things. You get feedback indicating you are doing a great job. But you are passed over time after time for promotions or other opportunities. You solicit feedback from your manager, maybe some mentors, friends who all say you are “doing fine.” Is “doing fine” enough?

Learn about potential blind spots, brick walls or other potential missteps you may be unconsciously making. And also discover solutions to overcome those things that may be holding you back.

You are so busy taking care of your family, working, meeting all of your commitments. You promise yourself that as soon as you get time, you will begin focusing on you. How long have you been promising yourself that you will begin working on you?

Working on you takes considerable effort. Take a serious look at patterns that keep you in the same place year after year. Work with trained professionals who have successfully developed a lifestyle that can help you to meet both your professional and personal goals.

PositiveLee For You Customizes Solutions For Your Business Problems

For the overwhelming majority of us, a minor, or major  business or personal refresh can provide a new lease on life, or at least give us a great boost! Check out our Business and Image Consulting Service Offerings and take action today to begin your journey to a new YOU!