Your personal brand defines who you are. It is how others perceive you. Though we may not want to acknowledge it, perception is most people’s reality. Researchers at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital suggest that people assess your competence, likability, trustworthiness and attractiveness in 250 milliseconds. Simply stated, people size you up in a quarter of a second!

Whether you desire to establish, refresh, or change your image, PositiveLee For You can customize a program specifically for you. The full experience is comprised of 5 steps. You can opt to do any combination of the steps, or opt for the entire program. At a minimum, you will want to do the first two steps and the remaining are up to you and your budget. Whatever options you choose, you will get a condensed version of all the remaining steps. To ensure that you get the most out of this experience, we have only one request. Once you make the decision to try any of our services:  Be open.



This is the most important step. We start by conducting a personal assessment to learn all we can about you. We identify your goals, understand your lifestyle, challenges, your motivation for making the changes you desire. We get to know you well. This assessment enables us to customize the program that best fits your needs.



PositiveLee For You creates a customized plan just for you. This program is designed to specifically suit your personality, lifestyle, body type and budget. The solution will incorporate changes not just to your exterior, but to the core of your being as well.  It is designed to be a transformation of your mind, body and spirit. We may also make other recommendations, such as have you work with specialists for assistance with make-up, your hair, encourage you to take developmental courses, or make lifestyle changes.



We begin this phase by identifying what you have in your closet, and then fill in any gaps.  We ask you to take the first step at organizing your closets and together assess the items you’ve decided to keep. Finally, we develop a specific list of additional “must haves” to round out your wardrobe, accessories, and other necessities to ensure we maintain your budget and meet your ultimate goals.



Now it’s time to shop! We prefer to do it with you, but we will also shop for you, or provide you with a shopping list. This is where you benefit from having access to a wide array of merchandise on hand at manageable prices from PositiveLee For You, and access to a vetted network of retailers and service providers. Our goal for this stage is three-fold. Get everything you need to build out your wardrobe, adhere to your budget, and ensure you are delighted with your choices.



Now we put it all together by combining your new with your current. If we have agreed on lifestyle changes, we incorporate those additions into an ongoing maintenance plan. Your transformation will be apparent to you. Our goal is to exceed your expectations. If we have not done so, we continue to work with you until we get to that point. Once you have become a client, we always consider you a client. Even beyond the end of your engagement, we are available to assist or answer questions.


Anyone who takes the full Image and Wardrobe Consulting Course has continual access to PositiveLee For You consultants. We can work with you in the media that is most effective for you: FaceTime, email, online chat, phone, face to face, etc. It is as important to us as it is to you to ensure your transformation is maintained.